Onokov Group today

The idea of Onokov Group appeared in 2011 due to the need of an umbrella brand, which would unite several individually branded real-estate projects (Leontievsky Mys (2016), Universitetskiy Petergof (2014), Kolomyagi-Eco (2016)). Historically our core business was real estate and commercial development in both rural and urban areas. We always strive to make our clients' lifes easier through the implementation of new ideas and use of technologically advanced materials across various markets, with luxury real estate being of the uttermost importance to Onokov Group.

Being the pioneers of true luxury real-estate market in St. Petersburg, we faced the need to enter new markets and to launch a number of new businesses to provide services at the exceptional level. Such businesses are creation of marketing materials, development of mobile apps, luxury interior designs, finishing and furnishing.

We have also looked at some totally new areas, striving to develop bright and innovative ideas, such as R&D and production of organic pine needle fertilizers, creation of uniform country-wide food products certification system, and others.

Onokov Group today is a unique team of professionals with proven project experience across different industries. Our main goal is to use qualitative change in order to bring value to our projects.